The Hilarity of it All

Fanfiction, Laziness, and Jobs
UGH. I've had this livejournal for forever and I've never actually posted anything...I've just been using it to keep track of FF. 
I'm pretty sure this is out of laziness. That and the fact that I'm trying to finish writing this fics so I can post them (two Niff one-shots are in the works plus a chapter fic, AND a Klaine two-shot). This doesn't sound like much, but if you take a look at any of my fics on you'll notice that my one-shots are usually the length of any three/four LENGTHY shot. Usually people split them up into chapters, but I like to post the whole thing right away. 

I also have noticed that I go through phases...not that I stop shipping/loving anyone, of course not, it's just that I tend to shine the spot light on certain people every now and then (Right now it's on NIFF (Nick/Jeff Glee). It was SasuNaru for the longest fucking time...
Anyway, figured I'd post something to get the ball rolling. Hopefully, my next post will be my fanfiction (I've obviously never posted any of my stories on Livejournal...)

Looking for job currently, though. Ugh, and it's a hassle. Interviews suck. They said that I did fine and everything, I just hate the tenseness of it all right before you go into the office. It's so fucking stupid. 

I really should look this over for mistakes, but I've gotta go work on this story. Trust me. My grammar and mechanics are fanfuckingtastic everywhere else but in journals. 


PS. I'm 19, live in Wisconsin (moving to Chicago), and I like straight out geeky things. (star wars, battlestar galactica, and avatar do NOT fall out of this range)


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